ALMA is committed to providing a premium quality service at a competitive fixed price, allowing our partner law firms to deliver transactions more profitably and reduce fixed overheads.

Using ALMA offers a number of attractive benefits including:

the ability to flex your team quickly to respond to client demand

the expertise of motivated lawyers without the long term commitment

no employee costs such as recruitment fees, fixed salaries (with the inevitable annual increases), bonuses, employer’s national insurance contributions, employee pensions and other benefits, office overheads and bonuses

a clear, fixed hourly rate with no hidden charges

the ability to deliver transactions faster and more profitably

A changing market

At ALMA we recognise the critical importance of the core team to any law firm and ALMA lawyers will never replace this. However, in light of changing client demands and increasing cost pressures, we believe the legal market is changing fast and law firms must adapt.

In the coming years the most profitable firms will be those that keep costs under control by combining a lean internal team with a range of flexible resourcing options, including outsourcing. By doing so these firms will be able to react quickly to changing market conditions and client demands and deliver work more profitability.

ALMA can work in partnership with you to develop and implement a tailored solution to ensure your firm meets these market challenges.

Improving the bottom line

By using ALMA our partner law firms have found they are able to deliver transactions up to 20% more profitably than by using the core team alone.

ALMA offers a transparent, fixed hourly rate without overheads, allowing our partner law firms to predict the cost of transactions in advance and improve margins on traditionally unprofitable work.

Contact us to discuss our pricing model and how we can work with you to improve profitability.