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    We proactively work with you to assess your requirements and provide a resourcing solution tailored to your needs.

    Use our experienced and flexible lawyers to:

    • provide ad hoc support on large scale transactions
    • supplement existing client teams when demand requires
    • add expertise when you need it most

    We regularly support our partner law firms on large scale transactions where bulk due diligence is required. This allows the “behind the scenes” work to be done quickly and profitably and frees up the core team to focus on strategic client work.

    Our expert lawyers work on:

    • Certificates of title
    • Reports on title
    • Lease reports
    • Verification
    • Title reviews
    • Corporate support work

    Our experienced lawyers can partner with client teams to provide support on day to day work and longer term client projects.

    Our expert lawyers work on:

    • Low to moderate value asset management work
    • Precedent development for specific clients
    • First draft documents and initial mark-ups

    ALMA has extensive experience in resourcing a wide range of work types.

    We can work with you to develop better transaction management and resourcing protocols to help you get the best from our services and maximise profitability.


Case Study 1

  • ALMA supported Firm A with due diligence on an acquisition of a City office building.
  • We helped Firm A achieve a tight deadline by providing extra capacity when the core team was extremely busy
  • 20 lease reports were required in a short space of time
  • We provided a template report using our expert knowledge of what clients and funders expect to see
  • In addition to completing the lease reports, our lawyers took on the asset management work relating to the building following the acquisition that would usually have been lost to a regional firm
  • ALMA’s lower cost base has enabled Firm A to deliver this work profitably and cement its relationship with the client

Case Study two

  • ALMA was included in a pitch to a large institutional fund client
  • Firm B won pitch and has used ALMA to support the core team on asset management work and in a non-client facing capacity
  • ALMA’s involvement in the client relationship means unexpected absences in the core team can be covered